Ukraine is a beautiful country situated in the mainland Europe and by size it is the largest country in the continent Europe after Russia.
Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and is situated in the heart of the country.
Currency of Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvannas (UAH) with 1 US$= 27.00 UAH or 1 UAH= 2.4 INR(20/04/2017) approximately.
Ukraine is probably one of the safest place in eastern Europe to study in. It has been the foremost choice of international students from all over Asia, Africa, Middle East, and the mainland Europe itself. With its female dominated demography it is probably the safest country to study in for both males as well as female candidates.
Ukraine is mostly a bilingual country with both Russian and Ukrainian as official languages of Ukraine. While most of the eastern part of country prefers Russian as their choice of language the western Ukrainians speak Ukrainian. However people understand both Russian and Ukrainian equally and in Kiev the majority of population speaks Russian and English too.
Average monthly living expenditure in Kiev shall be anything between 75-125 US$ per month. However it varies, depending on the choice of lifestyle of the student.
After 06/04/2017 Ukraine received visa free regime with Schengen area.
Ukraine has a very good banking system, currency exchangers are readily available. While international students can carry their living expenditure in form of cash, travellers cheque or in the form of a visa and debit cards, they can also open their accounts in banks available in the country and the parents can transact money directly from their home country to their ward's bank account in Ukraine. Ukraine also has a lot of other money transfer options such as Western Union, Money gram, Coin Star etc. Most of supermarkets & stores accept both credit and debit cards.
Ukraine is very well connected by air travel with the rest of the world. Kiev the capital city of Ukraine has KIEV BORYSPIL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT just in the outskirts of the city which serves as the main airport of entry for students from all over the world.
Kiev has the most advanced mode of intercity transport in the form of Kiev Metro, local Buses, Trams, local Trains and taxi. Transportation within Kiev is very convenient and easy.
ICAS in collaboration with its official representatives takes care of the airport pickup with a person at the airport to meet the students and help the students with on arrival formalities.
Kiev has a humid continental climate. The warmest months are June, July, and August, with mean temperatures of 13.8 to 24.8 °C (57 to 77 °F). The coldest are December, January, and February, with mean temperatures of -4.6 to -1.1 °C (24 to 30 °F)
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